Thanks for visiting my about page!
I'm Sadiya, a digital media student from Ireland. I post here about lots of different things, style, beauty, DIY, books, films, technology, food, basically whatever I like. This space as is kinda like my pinboard of interests & inspirations.

I love anything creative, design, illustration, photography etc.  I like binge watching YouTube lookbook videos and Kdrama. I've recently started my own YouTube channel and I like video editing too.

I can most likely be found with my phone, laptop and camera, reading blogs, shooting and editing videos and photos, snapchatting and occasionally panicking about how much time I spend indoors, plugged into something..

I feel like blogging is a fun way to share my passions and interests, and practice my photography, writing, and design. I hope you stick around and enjoy reading my posts.

Much love,


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