How I Edit Instagram Photos

Monday, 29 May 2017

I'm always curious about how other people edit their photos so today I'm sharing how I edit my Instagram photos. There's no right or wrong way to do it, but these are the steps I follow and the apps I use.

1.      I import the image into VSCO and apply my usual filter.

You can copy & past edits in VSCO, I paste the filter I always use.

2. Next I share the image to the Snapseed app and make further changes, mainly using the brush tool. I generally brighten and darken certain areas using the dodge and burn brush. I also use the saturation brush to bring out the colours of certain areas that I want to pop a little bit and that have been drained out by my filter. I like to experiment with different changes to see what works.

Editing Interface in Snapseed

3. Depending on whether I think I need to, I might increase brightness and contrast or sharpen the image.

Snapseed Tools
4. Once I’m happy with my edits, I open the UNUM app and import the image to check how it appears visually with the other photos on my account. UNUM lets you see what your photos look like next the images you have already uploaded. This means you can better visually plan your feed. Once I’ve done this, the image is ready to upload.

5. I don’t do this much, but sometimes I will tune up an image further using Instagram, mostly just changing brightness and contrast levels before posting.

Other IG Tips

🔼When you’re shooting images for Instagram, frame them up into a square. What I did was actually change the image size on my camera to a 1:1 ratio which is the right size for Instagram. It makes it easier to frame up images without having to crop anything out later. It means I can capture collections of images with Instagram in mind and then drip feed them to my account after I’ve edited them without worrying that they won’t fit well and having to crop them.

🔼Using the same filter keeps my feed looking consistent. To get ideas for VSCO themes check out Pinterest (just search "VSCO themes") or VSCO’s feed.

🔼To be at the top of your IG game and make sure you’re posting regularly, try using Later to schedule your posts.

What are some of your Instagram photo editing tips?

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