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Thursday, 9 February 2017

I thought I'd share the apps and sites I use to help me stay on top of college assignments and projects.

Deadline - Android
This is app is a lifesaver for me because it stops me forgetting about even smaller tasks and assignments. Whenever I'm given a deadline, I just put in into this app and it stacks my deadlines in order of what's due first and tells me how many days I have to complete each assignment. It's so helpful, it's been a wakeup call for me more than a few times when I check it to see 'you have two days left on an assignment..

Quizlet - Android | IOS
I find flash cards to be so helpful when trying to learn off different key terms for any subject, this app lets me create my own sets of flashcards. There's also an entire site full of flashcards made by other people on a variety of topics that can also be very helpful.

Forest - Android | IOS
Stop yourself from constantly checking your social media accounts when you're trying to focus on studying, I really like forest, which rewards you for the time you spend not using apps by growing a cute little tree. Any attempt to leave the app before the time limit you've set means you're asked if you want to let your cute tree die, I find it pretty motivating!

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) - Android | IOS
Supposedly the world's most annoying alarm clock, this app won't turn off until you have answer a maths problem or taken a picture of something specific like your bathroom sink for example. Very annoying but very helpful for getting you out of bed in the morning.

Trello - Android | IOS
This app is great for group projects because you can all add to 'boards' and 'cards' you can all see what needs to be done, is being done and move tasks from list to list. It has a very easy user friendly layout too.

Evernote - Android | IOS
I don't really use this app for note taking, which is kinda what it's mainly for, but it has a very handy feature that make taking photos of documents similar to scanning them, very handy when I'm given a brief or something on paper and I need a digital copy of it.

Most bloggers already use Pinterest, but I'm mentioning because I think it's great if you're working on a creative project or on a group project, it helps you and people you're working with to collect your ideas and inspiration in one place so you all see it in one place.

Written Kitten
If you're struggling to make the word count, this fun online typing space awards you with a picture of a kitten, puppy or bunny for every 100 words you type!

College Info Geek
I only recently discovered this site, but it's a mine of information about how to make the most of your college education with lots of college related hacks, tips and inspiration.

What apps do you used to stay organised?

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