Travel Essentials

Saturday, 14 January 2017

I spend a lot of time commuting everyday, I feel like I'm always on a bus or a train, but one of my goals is to travel more internationally so I thought it'd be nice to put together a list of some very basic travel essentials.

1. Eye Mask, Muji 
I think we can all agree that snoozing is a part of long trips and this stripy eye mask from Muji should make getting some shut eye much easier.

2. Suitcase, Ready Travel
When I first saw this suitcase I thought is was just really beautifully designed, but after reading a bit about the design I realised it's actually a smart suitcase! This is perfect for anyone who would like their luggage to make travelling easier for them. It doesn't just look pretty, its' got an integrated scale, (never have to pay extra at the check in again!) a built in charger with removable battery, and a distance alert which lets you know if you're leaving it behind somewhere! Perfect! It's available now, if you're quick, you can get it for early bird pricing here!

3. Tisserand Aromatherapy Travel Ease, Evergreen
This little refreshing oil remedy will help wake you up when you're worn out during a long trip.

4. Jumper EZbook Air 8350 Laptop, Gearbest
If pretty portability is your main concern in your netbook, this laptop could be a dupe for a MacBook air if you don't look twice, and it weighs less than a kilogram.

5. Humlan Wash & Wear Headphones, Urbanears
I purchased these earphones in another colour back in September and I think it's one of my favourite purchases of 2016, I love them to bits! They're stylish, portable, have amazing sound quality, and they're machine washable!

6.  Shea Butter Sheet Mask, Innisfree
I've previously shared my discovery of sheetmasks, I absolutely love these ones from Innisfree, so hydrating slap it on while you're snoozing on the go for super hydrated skin.

7. New Balance 996, Schuh 
Comfy shoes are an absolute must when I'm travelling and I love my New Balance.

8. Harlow Water Bottle, bkr
This being glass might make it seem less practical for travelling but I really think water tastes better from a glass bottle, plus this is a really cute bottle.

What some are your travel essentials?

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  1. It is not easy if one must commute as much as you. Love your picks especially the sneakers!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena