Weekdaze: Sunday Notes #1

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Hey guys, I've decided to try a "Sunday Notes" series here on my blog, I'm thinking about making this a weekly thing, or maybe I'll just do one at the end of slightly more eventful weeks, but I'll just be sharing some bite-sized reflections on my week.

1. I watched a few documentaries, something I need to watch more, sometimes watching really depressing things can make you more grateful and appreciative of what you have, I'm always trying to find ways to remember to be grateful. I also finished watching The Killing on Netflix, it's very dark but it really dragged me in. 

2. Had fun adding few little design updates to my blog this week, you may have noticed if you're a regular visitor.

3. I filmed a try on haul for my channel. I was worrying a bit about feeling really uninspired but sometimes the best way to get out of a creative slump is just to create something, it doesn't really matter what.

4. My phone finally gave up and died. RIP phone, you served me well, even thought I dropped you so many times. Sadly, it's bye bye Snapchat & Instagram until I can get a replacement. *sniffle*

5. I now want a typewriter. I think the typing sound is super cool and relaxing also they're supposed to be good for writing because you have to think more carefully before you type because you can't just instantly erase your mistakes. Try out this cool online simulator, it's probably not as good as the real thing, but fun to play around with.

6. As usual, I was watching a lot of Kdrama, are you watching Uncontrollably Fond or Doctors? I think Doctors is my current fave. I've been thinking about doing videos talking to you about what I've watched at the end of each month..

Until next time,
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  1. This sounds like a nice and chilled week! I hope you manage to get your phone situation sorted out soon - it's scary how much we can rely on our mobiles! I had a few days without the internet and it was shocking.
    I'm really liking your blog layout as well :).

    Nicky xx | www.curious-journeying.com

  2. Hey Nicky! Thank you! :) It's definitely scary how much we need our phones!