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Monday, 18 July 2016

Coming up with blog content is challenging sometimes. Being authentic and blogging can be difficult. You may be feeling stuck or uninspired. You may feel like you should be doing things a certain way or writing certain types of posts. You might think "oh I'll just buy this thing I don't want or need" because if I buy it, I can write about it. Here are some of my thoughts on how to step away from buying things you don’t need, just because you blog.

 1. Seek Experiences Not Things // Do cool and interesting stuff.
I know how hard this can be, you may be strapped for cash, or live in a quiet area, where there isn't much to do. But get out of your comfort zone a little bit, even if it's as small as going for a walk, or just trying something new. The more things you do, outside of your regular routine, the more you have to inspire you when you’re creating content.

2. Learn.
The more knowledge you have, the more useful your content will be. Learn skills that will help you create better content, like how to take great photos, just experiment more with your camera. Read, and watch interesting things. Get out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just watching a documentary you wouldn’t normally be interested in or watching a different kind of film. A cool thing to do is read a news site from a different country. It’s cool to see a fresh and different perspective or just read stories you wouldn’t normally see covered in your local media. Entertaining your readers, or showing them how to do something they want to do (edit Instagram photos, for example.) will help you create content that is useful or helpful. 

3. Think outside the box.
Be aware of the things that influence you so you can choose things consciously by yourself. Think about what influences you and why. Yes you want your content to look pretty and appealing, but polished "perfection" can be found on any commercial site or magazine. I think blogging can and should be more raw, fresh and relatable. You don't need an entire makeup counter to look good. The world revolves around making us believe that we're not good enough. That we're not okay, without all the products we’re supposed to buy. I'm not saying hey, don't like or buy the things you like. I'm just saying ask yourself why you want something.

 4. Use Your Reality // Be Yourself.
Use your raw reality to create content. In the super airbrushed, edited and filtered world, I feel that there is a serious lack of "hey, this is what my natural face looks like”. (I am as guilty of this as anyone) What you see on a person’s social media is their highlight reel. Don’t buy into the idea that what you’re seeing is their whole life and their whole reality. The perspective from which we're shown something, everything from the way a person writes, to the angle they took a picture from. Lighting, editing, everything that goes into creating something, paints a pretty picture. Look the picture, appreciate it, but know that it something that is often carefully constructed. Being authentic and providing value to your reader can set your blog apart. Everyone is different, you don't need to do what everyone else is doing just for the sake of it. Find and do the things you love yourself. Think about what you're passionate about, and channel that into creating your content. There's nothing wrong with being inspired by others, loving something they're doing and wanting to do it to. Just make it your own and do it because you want to. When you blog, you have complete creative control and you should use and revel in that. Basically, you are Anna Wintour and your blog is Vogue, (or the equivalent of this statement in whatever niche you blog about. :p) make it what you want!  Be creative and “do you boo”. In writing this post, I think I’ve realised that I really am all about inspirational, motivational self-improvement type stuff. I hope this post was helpful to you.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. This is a great post because over-spending 'because it will look good on the blog' is something I do too much too! I like your 'choose experiences' idea and find similar excursions help me a lot. I might visit a free art gallery or museum and just buy a coffee or a greeting card to support them a bit, but within my budget. Keeping an eye on the local paper and turning up to nearby community events can be fun too.

    Stephanie Jane

  2. Glad you liked the post Stephanie! Free and local events are definitely something to look out for.

  3. Love this! I always catch myself saying "Lipsticks on sale, I can review them on my blog!" Lol. So automatically I was attracted to this post title. Very useful :)

    xo, Joline

  4. Hey Joline, glad you found it useful! :)