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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Blogging Creatively
I only recently discovered Michelle's blog Daisybutter, and I'm kinda in love with it. This post is a great reminder that your blog doesn't have to be a certain way to be "right". In this post she gently reminds you that you don't have to follow the crowd, if you're being yourself, you'll create a blog that's the "imperfectly perfect you".

50 Awesome Blogging Resources
This is a goldmine of blogging tips and tools. There's an app or website to help with every blogging related thing listed. Design tools, stock photo sources, writing, productivity and idea creation tools, this is definitely one to bookmark.

5 Photography Tutorials Perfect For Bloggers
I love finding useful resources to learn more, this is great post for anyone who wants to up their blog photography game.

Advice on Starting a YouTube Channel & Blog | Q&A
I've recently dipped my toe into creating content for YouTube, and this video is full of tips & inspiration. I love Lavendaire's whole vibe though, I recommend subscribing to her channel if you're into content that's all about inspiring positivity and wellbeing.

How To Brainstorm New Post Ideas
Feeling a little bit stuck for post ideas? This post full of great tips on how to get the ideas flowing.

Hope you found these helpful.
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