Chill Time Essentials // Unplugging

Friday, 10 June 2016
Hey everyone, since the summer's kicked off and I've had a little free time to relax, I thought I'd list and share the simple things I need/do when I'm kicking back and chilling out.
(Note: It's Ramadan atm, so obviously I'm no longer enjoying some of these things right now. If you're fasting I hope they're going well for you.)

1. Comfy Threads.
For me when I'm chilling, I'm all about being comfortable, so something cosy is what I throw on.

2. Tea.
Tea is more than a drink for me, it's basically my life. I love regular tea the most but I also really like herbal teas. If you really want to relax it's better to avoid something with caffeine and try a herbal tea instead. I haven't yet tried a Pukka tea I didn't like, their teas are always lovely and beautifully packaged too.

3. The Perfect Playlist.
Music instantly changes your mood, I go to Spotify to or Soundcloud to find different playlists.

4. TV/Netflix/YouTube.
 I dunno about you, but when I have time to myself I love to catch up on my favourite shows, shows, so Netflix is going to enter the equation.

5. A Good Book.
Sometimes I feel like I'm always way too switched on, checking social media, thinking of post ideas, reading my favourite blogs, etc. Sometimes it all just winds me up and stresses me out. Being unable to really focus on any one thing for too long and constantly switching between a bunch of different tabs can lead to overwhelm. Unplugging for a while is the best (but very difficult) thing to do. Finding a cosy corner to curl up in with a book can be an amazing way to chill out. I really want to get back into reading more again now it's summer.

6. A Scented Candle.
I think a great smelling candle can give you an instant mood boost.

7. Pilates/Stretching.
I'm not a yogi by any means, I just follow different YouTube videos. When I motivate myself to actually roll my mat out and use it, it's great. Trying out some basic simple poses can make me feel super relaxed.

So as you guys can tell, I'm bad to the bone :p.

What are some of your downtime essentials?


  1. Ugh this sounds so good, candle and a book are a must have. Twinkly fairy lights also help me relax and himalayan salt lamps are so soothing.

    lots of love, Jane

  2. Hey Jane, yass! fairy lights are awesome :)

  3. Great list, I'm the same with spotify playlists and catching up on shows is my favourite way to chill :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

    1. Hi Anoushka, yeah, I'm kinda a Netflix junkie in my downtime, but I try and do other stuff too! :p

  4. Ooh, this sounds super! That Pukka After Dinner tea sounds great. A good book is such an underrated wind-down essential as well :).
    I don't celebrate (or know much about) it, but I hope you have a peaceful and blessed Ramadam!

    Best wishes,

    Nicky xx |

    1. Hey Nicky, yeah Pukka tea is gorgeous, and thank you so much! :)

  5. Great post! Tea is also one of my downtime essentials, definitely. I also do pilates and stretching! I'm a ballet dancer and it really helps. Love your blog :)
    Julia || Julia in Bluhm

  6. Hey Julia, thank you so much! :)

  7. Hi Sadiya! Reading and immersing yourself into the world, plot and characters on the pages is definitely one of my favourite ways to chill out. Baking, although sometimes stressful, also makes me happy and more focused (following a recipe to the T really does pull your mind away from school/work etc). Even listening to calming music and petting my cat ahhh I can;t wait until school's out here in Australia :)
    Love, Betty

    1. Hey Betty! That all sounds lovely, must try baking more, enjoy your summer!