A Visit To Queen Of Tarts

Sunday, 29 May 2016

“Where should I go?" -Alice. "That depends on where you want to end up." - The Cheshire Cat.” 
 Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Hey guys, I thought I'd share some snaps from my visit to Queen of Tarts, it's so pretty and quaint, a little slice of Alice in Wonderland. I loved the chocolate pecan tart, the giant red teapots and the staff were really lovely too. Worth a visit if you haven't been before, this place is right up my street, such a cosy spot, for a natter with a friend.

Cows Lane, Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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Skincare | Innisfree "It's a real squeeze" Sheet Masks

Friday, 27 May 2016

So you guys may know since I bought a book on Korean skincare, I've wanted to try out some Korean beauty products and I decided to try out these Innisfree "it's a real squeeze" sheet masks. The basic function of sheet masks is to give your skin a hydration boost, but they can be designed to target certain skin types or to give certain results, brightening, or to target problem skin. They are definitely a new obsession for me now. I was really happy with them, they are intensely hydrating to the skin, they literally work like a skin drink. My face felt amazing after using one and I looked really glowy too.

They take some time to get used to using, they are basically a sheet like a face wipe with holes cut out for your eyes, nose and mouth. You have to carefully unfold them without tearing them and they are dripping wet when you remove them from the packet. You do look and feel very strange with one on, at first, but the results are amazing. I'd recommend these as a product to try if you're interested in trying something affordable and different on your skin. I ordered them from Innisfree and there are the shipping costs from Korea to consider, but I think it's worth it, I'd definitely buy these again.

Manuka Honey & Shea Butter.
These two packed with moisture for particularly dry skin.

Lime & Strawberry
These both work to brighten skin.

Tea tree & Bija
Both of these masks target problem skin.

Have you tried sheet masks? What did you think?

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Lifestyle Book Haul

Tuesday, 24 May 2016
Hey everyone, I have book post for you today, I actually got these books months ago now and I've been meaning to share them with you for so long. I was having a look through the books on Urban Outfitters when I spotted them, and decided I needed them in my life, so I went over to The Book Depository, and luckily they were available to buy for a little bit less. I'm really happy with them, I think they're really helpful and inspiring books to have.

This book caught my eye because I was experiencing a really bad breakout at the time and I was looking for something that would hold some answers. I've always been meaning to get into some kind of skincare routine but always felt a bit lost about where to start. I didn't really think too much about this book being centred on Korean skincare, I just thought it sounded helpful and interesting. Korean beauty and skincare seems to have really blown up recently though with lots of people trying out Korean or "K-beauty" products. This book is written by the curator of SoKo Glam, an online Korean beauty store, which I actually hadn't heard of until I bought this. The author lists her top 5 favourite dramas in the book and I like how she gives an insight into Korean culture as well as the skincare products and routines.  It's played a part, along with friends of mine, in my beginning to watch Korean dramas. Which, you may have seen in my previous post, has led to a little bit of a drama addiction. :p Anyway this is a book really worth having if your interested in skincare, it explains different product ingredients, their uses and effects, what to ingredients use and to avoid for different individual skin types, the need for each part of a skincare routine to keep skin looking its best, and gives an in depth look into the Korean "10 step" skincare routine. You may like to check out this post from Bloglovin' if you'd like to know a little more about Korean skincare.

I'm really interested in learning more about photography, especially as a blogger. A lot of photography advice can seem really complicated and scary for non-techy people, if you're looking for something simple, this book is for you. My favourite thing is the "bish bash bosh" guides to shutter speed and aperture. It's the most simplified guide to these things I have ever read. Everything is explained in a really easy way and the book encourages you to get out and just use the settings on your camera to see what you can do. It covers capturing different kinds of shots, like close ups etc. It contains lots of photographs by famous photographers and their composition is discussed a little bit as well as how you can go about creating similar effects in your own photography. The title puts it best really.

Go With Your Gut, Robyn Youkilis

One of my goals this summer is just to start listening to my body when it comes to what I eat. I feel like I really shouldn't be eating certain foods because they just leave me feeling bloated, sluggish and low in energy, sometimes in real abdominal discomfort. I've ignored the feelings for a long time,  because I didn't want to give up eating certain foods, but I think I need to actually make some changes. Our gut health is being recognised more and more as being especially crucial to the quality of our overall health and wellbeing. That's the reason I picked up this book, it's supposed to guide you through "banishing the bloat" with digestion-friendly recipes. A flick through it definitely inspires me to think about how to eat more fresh and healthy foods. This is worth picking up if you also have a tendency to feel bloated, it's kind of a beginners guide to how your body and digestive system actually works and how to eat to feel better.  There is an emphasis on weight loss, but you don't have to want to lose weight to find this book helpful. With pretty pastel coloured pages, there's a lot of positive girly vibes, as well as useful tips, advice and inspiration.

I also made my first video where I chat about these books and some other stuff on my new YouTube channel if you wanna check it out.

 What are some of your favourite non-fiction or lifestyle books?

Until next time,

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