Thoughts That Cross My Mind As I Watch Korean Dramas

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Hey guys, today I'm talking about one of my latest discoveries/obsessions, Korean dramas. I know that's pretty random but anyway, I am still relatively new to them. So far I've watched Beating Again (Falling For Innocence), Boys Over Flowers (I thought I should watch a classic) and The Heirs. Here are some things that cross my mind as I watch.

1. Wow, his/her skin is perfect.

Before I started watching K-drama a few different YouTubers I follow had mentioned Korean skincare products and how great they are. I actually had bought Charlotte Cho's Korean skincare book just before I started watching my first Korean drama, Beating Again.

2. Why are the girls always being dragged around by the arm??

Dude let her go!

3. I'm hungry for noodles/ramen.

I started eating instant noodles for the first time in ages. I am terribly impressionable or do other people crave the food that fictional characters are eating? Am I just very easily influenced? Also I feel a sudden pride that I can eat with chopsticks. Okay probably not very well but still.

4. Oooh I now know about 5 words in Korean!

Hmm if I keep this up I'll probably be fluent in a few years. Not. :p I like the sound of Korean being spoken though, it sounds nice.

5. I can't believe there are all these famous people in the world I never knew about.

When I've finished a drama and I google one of these Korean actors, and I'm like oh, they're actually a superstar in Asia.

6. I am not wasting time, I am learning about another culture and am therefore learning more about the world. I'm a media student, it's fiiine, media students should know about film and TV in other countries.

Justification after watching 3 episodes back to back, and ignoring my growing pile of course work.

7. Oh nooo there's only 2 episodes left!!

I can't deal with this ending!

8. Noooo it's all over! What am I supposed to do with my life now??

Right, I shall find the soundtrack and listen to that to keep the feels going. *Emotions*

9. Right, what should I watch next?

Have you ever watched any good non-English TV shows or Korean dramas?

If you have any drama suggestions leave them in the comments below.
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  2. These are the EXACT thoughts I have in my mind whilst watching K-Dramas! The Heirs and Boys Over Flowers are the classic and most popular k-dramas of all (I think it's because of Lee Minho - he's hot) and I love watching them :) My all time favourite k-drama though is Flower Boy Next Door because I relate to the main character so much it's as if we're the same person!

    Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ |

  3. Hey Nicole, it's cool to hear you have the same thoughts, might also check out Flower Boy Next Door :)