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Wednesday, 20 April 2016
Hey guys, today I have an eye makeup haul for you today, these are just a couple of very affordable drug store products I picked up recently and some of my thoughts after tying them out.

Wet n wild XXL Lash Mascara
Unfortunately I was really disappointed with this mascara, it really didn't do anything for me, it just clumped terribly. It was a very bad impulse buy, I'm sorry I didn't pick up the other mascara I had my eye on instead.

Wet n wild H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner
I don't usually wear waterproof eyeliner but I decided to try this out. The formula is very long-lasting but I found it stickier and more difficult to apply than regular liquid liner. I'm not sure if it's the formula, or the applicator, but if you're not great at applying liquid liner I wouldn't recommend it as it's quite tricky to apply.

Catrice Eye Brow Stylist - 020 Date With Ash-ton 
I normally use a brow powder to fill my brows but I thought this was good to have in my bag for quick brow fixing on the go. It's definitely handier to carry around than a bunch of separate brow products. The brush on the end is great and it's a decent enough brow pencil for the low price, it doesn't go on harsh so it looks really natural, even if you're a bit heavy handed with it. I think it's just a little bit too light for my brows though.

Have you bought anything recently that you've been really disappointed by?

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  1. Thanks Sadiya for your honest review. I was thinking to try that mascara but now i'll pass :) your new follower :)

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