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Monday, 18 April 2016

Hey guys, I've recently realised that while I talk an awful lot in real life, I haven't written that many chatty posts since I started blogging regularly. I think I still feel a kind of anxiety about my writing, it's hard to find your tone, or "blog voice" when you're kinda nervous about people actually reading what you write. For someone who's still quite new to blogging, in terms of the amount of stuff I've actually posted, it can feel a bit daunting sometimes.

I read a lot of blog posts full of blogging tips etc., and it sometimes feel like I should be blogging a certain way or just about certain things like "fashion, beauty, lifestyle". That stuff is great and I love those things and blogs about those things but sometimes I feel like because that seems to be the most common blogging niche I come across personally, it boxes me in a little bit creatively. When everyone else seems to be doing things one way remember that doesn't mean you need to do the same thing.

Your blog is your virtual space where you write and post about whatever you like. Yes, you do want to have regular readers and write something that people are interested in, but if you blog with the sole purpose of making others interested in what you have to say you can end up doing something that isn't totally you. I think if you stay really true to yourself and make sure to include content that maybe isn't going to be your most liked or read content, that's okay, make your blog something you love, something you're proud of, otherwise you'll quickly lose your passion for it.

Another point I'll make is that no matter what you're interested in or what you want to write about, there are other people who will also be interested in that stuff. It's possible that because I haven't totally defined my main "thing" I feel a bit lost with my blog sometimes. This post is more of a reminder to myself that I can be as creative as I like with my content. What do you think?
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  1. I loved this post- I completely agree! When you start reading a lot of blogs it becomes clear what are popular topics & there can be an urge to do them, just because you think you should. You should always write a post for the right reasons- because it actually interests you. Loved your thoughts & great writing. Also followed on Insta- love your pics! Have a lovely evening xx

  2. Hey Katie, aw thank you so much lovely! I'm glad you liked the post =)