Style | Khaki & Peplum

Monday, 25 April 2016
Hey everyone, happy Monday, I have a style post for you today. If you know Dublin, you might be able to tell these were taken near the Gate theater in Dublin city centre. This outfit pretty much sums up my everyday laid-back style at the moment. I am totally obsessed with this peplum top. It's longer at the back and shorter at the front. 

Scarf - Heart Hijab
Peplum Top - F&F
Jacket - Vera Moda
Trousers - Berska 
New Balance - Asos
Backpack - Pull & Bear

This was actually one of the first times in months I stepped out without my giant puffy parka on and it was fine for a while but it did end up raining and soaking me later, typical. :p This is my second last week at college so I have a ton of work to do, eek, pressure. Have a good week guys.

Much love,
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Thoughts That Cross My Mind As I Watch Korean Dramas

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Hey guys, today I'm talking about one of my latest discoveries/obsessions, Korean dramas. I know that's pretty random but anyway, I am still relatively new to them. So far I've watched Beating Again (Falling For Innocence), Boys Over Flowers (I thought I should watch a classic) and The Heirs. Here are some things that cross my mind as I watch.

1. Wow, his/her skin is perfect.

Before I started watching K-drama a few different YouTubers I follow had mentioned Korean skincare products and how great they are. I actually had bought Charlotte Cho's Korean skincare book just before I started watching my first Korean drama, Beating Again.

2. Why are the girls always being dragged around by the arm??

Dude let her go!

3. I'm hungry for noodles/ramen.

I started eating instant noodles for the first time in ages. I am terribly impressionable or do other people crave the food that fictional characters are eating? Am I just very easily influenced? Also I feel a sudden pride that I can eat with chopsticks. Okay probably not very well but still.

4. Oooh I now know about 5 words in Korean!

Hmm if I keep this up I'll probably be fluent in a few years. Not. :p I like the sound of Korean being spoken though, it sounds nice.

5. I can't believe there are all these famous people in the world I never knew about.

When I've finished a drama and I google one of these Korean actors, and I'm like oh, they're actually a superstar in Asia.

6. I am not wasting time, I am learning about another culture and am therefore learning more about the world. I'm a media student, it's fiiine, media students should know about film and TV in other countries.

Justification after watching 3 episodes back to back, and ignoring my growing pile of course work.

7. Oh nooo there's only 2 episodes left!!

I can't deal with this ending!

8. Noooo it's all over! What am I supposed to do with my life now??

Right, I shall find the soundtrack and listen to that to keep the feels going. *Emotions*

9. Right, what should I watch next?

Have you ever watched any good non-English TV shows or Korean dramas?

If you have any drama suggestions leave them in the comments below.
Until next time,
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Makeup Haul | Budget Brows, Lashes & Liner

Wednesday, 20 April 2016
Hey guys, today I have an eye makeup haul for you today, these are just a couple of very affordable drug store products I picked up recently and some of my thoughts after tying them out.

Wet n wild XXL Lash Mascara
Unfortunately I was really disappointed with this mascara, it really didn't do anything for me, it just clumped terribly. It was a very bad impulse buy, I'm sorry I didn't pick up the other mascara I had my eye on instead.

Wet n wild H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner
I don't usually wear waterproof eyeliner but I decided to try this out. The formula is very long-lasting but I found it stickier and more difficult to apply than regular liquid liner. I'm not sure if it's the formula, or the applicator, but if you're not great at applying liquid liner I wouldn't recommend it as it's quite tricky to apply.

Catrice Eye Brow Stylist - 020 Date With Ash-ton 
I normally use a brow powder to fill my brows but I thought this was good to have in my bag for quick brow fixing on the go. It's definitely handier to carry around than a bunch of separate brow products. The brush on the end is great and it's a decent enough brow pencil for the low price, it doesn't go on harsh so it looks really natural, even if you're a bit heavy handed with it. I think it's just a little bit too light for my brows though.

Have you bought anything recently that you've been really disappointed by?

Until next time,
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Blogging & Being True To Yourself

Monday, 18 April 2016

Hey guys, I've recently realised that while I talk an awful lot in real life, I haven't written that many chatty posts since I started blogging regularly. I think I still feel a kind of anxiety about my writing, it's hard to find your tone, or "blog voice" when you're kinda nervous about people actually reading what you write. For someone who's still quite new to blogging, in terms of the amount of stuff I've actually posted, it can feel a bit daunting sometimes.

I read a lot of blog posts full of blogging tips etc., and it sometimes feel like I should be blogging a certain way or just about certain things like "fashion, beauty, lifestyle". That stuff is great and I love those things and blogs about those things but sometimes I feel like because that seems to be the most common blogging niche I come across personally, it boxes me in a little bit creatively. When everyone else seems to be doing things one way remember that doesn't mean you need to do the same thing.

Your blog is your virtual space where you write and post about whatever you like. Yes, you do want to have regular readers and write something that people are interested in, but if you blog with the sole purpose of making others interested in what you have to say you can end up doing something that isn't totally you. I think if you stay really true to yourself and make sure to include content that maybe isn't going to be your most liked or read content, that's okay, make your blog something you love, something you're proud of, otherwise you'll quickly lose your passion for it.

Another point I'll make is that no matter what you're interested in or what you want to write about, there are other people who will also be interested in that stuff. It's possible that because I haven't totally defined my main "thing" I feel a bit lost with my blog sometimes. This post is more of a reminder to myself that I can be as creative as I like with my content. What do you think?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Much love,

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Makeup Haul - Lips

Friday, 15 April 2016
Hello beauties, this week I have Primark lip product haul/mini review for you, I picked up a few very affordable lip products the last time I was in the store. I've always been more of an eye makeup girl and generally wouldn't wear a lip product everyday, but I'm now getting more into wearing lip products as part of my everyday looks. 

1. Wet n Wild Megaslicks Blam Stain in Rico Mauve 
I love these balm stains, I'll definitely be buying a few more. They have a great consistency so they go on really smoothly, they're really comfortable to wear and when the shine wears off you're left with a pretty matt stain.

2. Essence Lipstick in 23 Velvet Matt 
I wanted to try out a nude lip without splashing out so I picked up this Essence lipstick, it's a lovely nude shade, and despite being a really affordable lipstick, it has good colour payoff and is comfortable to wear.

3. PS Lip Liner Pencil in Red & Plum
I just picked these up because they're in two classic darker lip colours, handy to have if I need a darker lipliner. They also look pretty good worn by themselves, they have good colour payoff and last well.

What's your current favourite drugstore lip product?

Until next time,
much love

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