Recent Reads #4

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Hey guys, I'm here with another recent reads post, I've been trying to read more, but it can be difficult to find time in between all the other reading and research I have to do for college. Anyway I bought these three books in a thrift store, mostly because the covers were pretty. :p I've only said a little about these books, I've focused on sharing just a few thoughts, but I'm hoping to do much better written and more in-depth book reviews here at some point.

I'm glad I found this book, I enjoyed it so much, even though I guess by the time I got halfway through I wasn't a fan of the actual story. It started out really light and even though the blurb is pretty clear that the story is dark, I was so caught up in all the small details that when it turned dark I was kinda surprised. It went on a lot in a big twisty way which could be annoying for some but I just enjoyed the ride. It contains a lot of, it could be said, unnecessary wordiness, but I liked that and thought it was what made that main character Blue come to life, it's like your inside the head of a person who thinks at a mile a minute but that doesn't stop them from forming thoughts of incredibly detailed thoughts. It is chock full of similes and metaphors, so many it's comical but I think that's what I found most appealing about it, I actually read bits of it out loud to people!

♥ My rating: 5/5

This was a great quick read, it's set in ancient Japan and probably doesn't accurately represent that time, but anyway, it's about an evil warlord's nightingale floor. Basically a floor that makes a lot of noise when it's stood on and so no assassin can cross it to quickly end him. There's a boy who's destiny is to cross it or really, has just made it his mission to do so. The boy has special powers and isn't aware of his real identity.. you probably can kinda guess where things go, there's suspense and intrigue and maybe it's a bit cliched, but I enjoyed it.

♥ My rating: 4/5

I didn't realise this was the second book in a series I hadn't read, when I picked it up. I read it but it didn't really do anything for me, there were some interesting elements to the plot but a lot of it seemed to be just filler, the plot didn't seem to move along very quickly. There is another book after this but I don't think I'll be reading it.

♥ My rating: 1/5

What are you reading at the moment?

Much love,
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  1. Hi Sadiya,

    It's not usual for me to come across a blog that writes reviews on books, for some reason... Anyway, I'm an avid reader myself, but I rarely find good books to read lately. I like the sound of the second book, 'Across the Nightingale Floor - sounds quite intriguing, and sounds like a good read! I might be hunting for that one...

    I just finished the whole series of How To Train Your Dragon (I didn't even know the movies were based on books, but there are 12 in the series!). They're written for young adults - very, very young adults, I know I know, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading them! I thoroughly enjoyed the two movies but I love the books even more.

  2. Heh Liyana, I love books so that's why I write about them here, I also find it difficult to find good books to read sometimes and I always think that books ate much better then their movie adaptions! ♡