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Thursday, 24 March 2016
Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well, I'm sharing some of my recent beauty buys today, although a couple are not so recent..  anyway, first off are a couple of products I picked up on my most recent trip to Lush.

♥ Lush "Seanik" Shampoo Bar
This shampoo bar has a really fresh scent, it does smell a bit ocean/beach like. It contains Irish moss gel, Japanese seaweed and fine sea salt. It gave amazing volume and shine to my hair, it is really really cleansing so it's good for product buildup, flat or fine hair. I thought it was a tiny bit harsh for me but I'd buy it again because it made my hair so shiny and bouncy. I really love Lush shampoo bars, if you're thinking of trying one do get the tin to store them in to stop them melting away, I've pictured this one in the tin after about 6-7 washes, I found this so cleansing that I didn't need that much product each time so it's a pretty economical product too.

♥ Lush "You've Been Mangoed" Bath Melt
I love mangos and this smelt so mangoey I had to get it, it's a very tiny melt and it didn't do a whole lot for me really, besides turning the bath water green. It's supposed to soften your skin after a soak in it, but I didn't notice any great difference. It is kind of a cute fun little product though.

♥ Tangle Angel Classic Hairbrush
I freaking love this hairbrush, I picked it up in TK Maxx for around a tenner, it's so good, I bought it mostly because it's easy to clean compared to other hairbrushes and is also treated with a kind of anti-bacterial thing so that's an added feature you don't normally get in a hairbrush. It also looks really pretty, the angel wings are different and it also stands up on vertically on a flat surface so that's cool.

♥ Real Techniques Beauty Blender
This is a cult beauty tool at this point, and after my amazing experience with the expert face brush, I decided to pick this up and try it out too. Again, I realised straight away why everyone loves it so much, it has an amazing texture and it's really lovely to use, it blends product amazingly well and is especially great for blending under eye concealer.

♥ Eyelure Naturals No 020 Lashes
I always thought false eyelashes were kinda scary things, like I'd put out an eye if I attempted to apply them, but after watching some of my favourite YouTubers wearing them, I decided they look amazing and I should try them out sometime. These were on special offer in Boots so I thought I'd give them a go, they looked beginner friendly with a test lash and applicator included. They also give quite a natural look as well so I thought wouldn't look totally ridiculous with them on. They were easy to apply fit my eye really well and gave a really understated oomph to my lashes, I think they really opened up my eyes, and gave a really naturally pretty effect. I'll probably be buying more lashes now that these worked so well for me, I'd definitely recommend these if you're new to wearing falsies. 

What  your most recent beauty buy?
Much love,

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