Links I Love #1

Thursday, 3 March 2016
Hey guys,
I've decide to start doing "Links I Love" posts, there are a lot of amazing things I come across, resources, or just random interesting things I like. I'll probably post them every so often when I've compiled some interesting links. Here are today's.

I love lists of links to sites that contain useful resources so I'm linking this one from Pop Sugar.

I've wanted to try making YouTube videos for a very long time, I might be able to make it happen soon, fingers crossed. For anyone out there interested in starting their channel, this is a lovely inspirational and helpful channel.

I had a Tumblr a few years ago and I loved it, I abandoned it though when I decided it was taking up way too much of my time. Now I'm back on it and I think it's great for displaying a visual style. It helps me come up with ideas for photography and the kind of dream theme I'd like for my blog/Instagram. I'm trying to keep it clean and minimal and not just reblog cat gifs all day. Follow me! I do post some bits on show's I'm currently watching and stuff.

I haven't been feeling very motivated this week, and deadlines are looming. Anyway when I fill myself with motivational/self help fluff it can help a bit. I came across this site, like just now as I write this, under the wellness section on Bloglovin' and it sounds like it's right up my street. There's also a podcast if you're into those.

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