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Thursday, 17 March 2016
Hey guys, hope you're all well, I've been feeling somewhat uninspired when it comes to blogging at the moment, college deadlines have been crazy stressful so I haven't had much time to get ideas together. I'm so glad it's nearly Easter break. Anyway, I thought I'd just share some of my current, and kinda random, lifestyle favourites.

♥ H&M Water Bottle
I don't drink enough water, but since I bought this I have been drinking a bit more, probably because it means I always have water with me, but also because the bottle's pretty :p I really like the understated design.

 Coconut Oil
You probably already know about how coconut oil is good for so many different things, my skin has been quite dry recently and it really helps. I've also been using it for "oil pulling" which is where you use oil like you would use mouthwash, but you hold it in your mouth for longer before spitting it out. It really works, if you do a few times a day it does make your teeth a little bit whiter.

♥ Eye-Lash Curlers
I bought these in Superdrug and they're not great lash curlers compared to others I've used, they were super cheap though. You do get two replacement pads which I used with my old lash curlers, which are much better, it's given them it a new lease of life. Lash curlers are literally the thing I would take with me to a desert island if I was only allowed to bring one beauty tool, they really open up your eyes, great for me in the morning when I look like the walking dead.

♥ New Balance
I could go on forever about how comfy these shoes are, I hadn't worn decent trainers in a long while and I forgot how comfy they are. I've been wearing these a lot and I'm definitely gonna buy another few pairs, they're amazing.

♥ Portable Charger
I only recently bought on of these, and it is a life saver when I'm out all day. Only problem is remembering to charge it up again..

♥ Notebooks 
I love notebooks and would actually collect them, if I didn't stop myself from buying them all. I'm currently on the look out for a really nice unlined one because I want to try starting a bullet journal. It might (hopefully) help me organise my life and stop me from pulling all nighters every time I have a big assignment,  procrastination has been bigger problem for me this semester. :/

♥ Doodling
I'd forgotten how much fun just messing around with markers is, I got some new brush pens/markers and I love just doodling with them, I was inspired by some of the typography and art posts I see on Instagram and  I'm now following a load of typography Tumblr blogs too.

♥ Rose Water
I used to use rose water as a toner before, but then I forgot about it for a while, now I'm back using it again and it's honestly the best, it's a really gentle and completely natural toner. It's really great for dry or sensitive skin. This East End one you can probably find in your local ethnic food store, often for less that €2, so it's great value too.

♥ Tiger Travel Spray Bottles
I bought these to put my rose water into so I can just spray it on my face, it's quicker than using cotton wool or pads to apply it and they're handy for keeping in my handbag too because they're so small.

♥ Organic Tea Tree Cream 
I've been using this tea tree cream on my break outs and it's so good, I find anything natural with tea tree to be amazing for any kind of break outs or skin irritations, a lot of other break out treatment products can be really really harsh in comparison.

So that's some of my current lifestyle favourites.
What are you loving right now?

Much love,
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  1. I totally have two "lipstick tube" portable chargers and they are MY LIFE. I hate when my phone is dying and I can't find an outlet so these babies save me.

    S .x