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Thursday, 18 February 2016
Hey lovelies, hope you're all well, it's Thursday again, so I'm back with another post. I'm gonna share some of my recent beauty discoveries. I'm not someone that uses a ton of beauty products, as I've probably mentioned before, so I pick what I buy quite carefully, despite that however, I'm often disappointed with products I buy, so I'm delighted that I really liked all of these. I thought they all worked really well for me. They are also all quite natural products too, which is something I'm becoming more and more conscious of.

♥ Lush "Montalbano" Solid Shampoo.
I need a shampoo that removes build-up well, because my hair is naturally on the oily side. I tried out one of Lush's solid shampoo before after a friend recommended them. This one, Montalbano contains lemon oil, lemon juice, and fresh olives. It also supposedly contains popping candy, but I didn't really notice. I found it to be really cleansing, it removed all the build up in my hair after one use, leaving it super shiny. It can be a tiny bit harsh in through, probably not for you if you have coloured hair, I found one rinse to be enough, I didn't really need to repeat. I really loved the clean lemony scent, I absolutely love any fresh citrus scents. I thought it worked well for my hair type, it's definitely one to try if you have a similar hair type or when you need to get rid of product buildup. These solid shampoos tend to last a good while as long as you don' t leave them out to melt in your shower. I think they need to dry out after use in order to last. You can buy a little tin to store them in for extra if you want as they are sold as pictured, without any packaging. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying this solid shampoo again.
This is a wonderful product, I'm so glad I bought it, it's definitely something I'll buy again. First of all, I like the scent of it, it's a very natural, and it contains different natural oils like sunflower, rosemary and calendula. It's an incredibly rich and think cream, meant for really dry rough skin, like elbows etc. I've used it on my face mostly and found it really great, it doesn't irritate at all and works really well under make-up too. It's so thick it acts almost like a barrier on your skin. I would highly recommend it for skin that is flaky and dry, or just lackluster and in need of some extra TLC. It definitely adds another layer of protection to your skin, so it's great if you're heading out in really cold or windy weather. Also a little goes a long way. A really great beauty discovery.


♥  Dr Bronner's 18-in-1 Hemp Rose Pure-Castile Soap
This stuff is incredible. It's basically just a gentle soap, but you can use it for pretty much anything you can think of, as a hand wash, for your laundry, washing vegetables, (I know, I was like what!?) as toothpaste or shampoo, the list is endless. It's a totally natural product. It's vegetable based and is completely biodegradable. This rose scented one smells gorgeous, but it's available in lots of other scents too. I got a giant bottle of it but it's also available in a smaller travel size, to keep handy on the go. The oils used in it are all fair trade and organic. I'm so glad I found it, it's an amazing product.

What beauty product have you recently discovered?

Much love,

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  1. Love the sound of the Weleda Skin food. Must give it a go. Been looking for a new moisturiser. Thanks for the info!
    Amina xx |