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Thursday, 7 January 2016
Hey everyone, for today's post, seeing as how we are in the first week of January, and lots of you will be still focused on your resolutions for 2016, I'm posting a few of the motivational blogging podcasts I discovered late last month. 

You might find these helpful if you have a list of blogging goals for this year. I had never really listened to podcasts before, but I read in a few different places how great they are so I downloaded the Stitcher app and have tried listening to a few different ones. The ones I'm listing are shows by US bloggers and are more about blogging as a full-time job, for business people. They are still pretty interesting and inspiring even if you only really blog as a hobby, there are some great tips and insights. 

These podcasts do focus on a lot of other motivational type stuff that applies to getting anything you want to do done as well. You can learn loads while you're travelling or whatever just by listening in without having to read or watch anything so podcasts, whatever they're about, are actually really great. I'm gonna keep my eyes out for other ones on different topics that interest me too, the Sticher app is great for finding new and interesting shows. 

The Lively Show is hosted by Jess Lively and is covers a lot of different topics outside of blogging, Jess interviews some really interesting and inspiring people. The show is "designed to uplift, inspire, and help you add a little extra intention to your everyday."
Elise Gets Crafty, by Elise Joy, covers topics like creativity, blogging, business, inspiration and motivation.
How They Blog is a show by Kat Lee, basically the title says it all, the show is about how bloggers blog, Kat talks to different bloggers to learn all about how they do it, their tools, tips, and tricks. 

Hope you maybe find these helpful.
Do you listen to any interesting podcasts?
Until next time,
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