15 Things To Do In Bad Weather

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Hey guys, I hope your week has been going well, it's Thursday again, so I'm here with another post. The weather has been particularly bad recently so I've put together a list of stuff to do when you're stuck inside.

1. Make a recipe you have wanted to try for a while.
2. Read a book, re-read an old favourite, or try something you wouldn't normally read.
3. Make a list of places you would like to visit.
4. Try following a yoga or meditation video on YouTube.
5. Start writing a short story, a novel, or a diary.
6. Make a list of things you're grateful for.
7. Mix up a homemade face mask or beauty product.
8. Listen to a podcast while organising a part of your room.
9. Put together a bag of clothes or other stuff to give away.
10. Change your bed-linen, and spray it with your favourite essential oil or perfume.
11. Make a list of goals or ideas for a project.
12. Cut stuff you like out of old magazines and paste them into a notebook "mood-board".
13. Play around with your camera to discover what you can do with different settings.
14.  Start learning something new, you can teach yourself how to do lots of different things from YouTube videos.
15. Start a new TV series you've heard a lot about.

Hope this inspired you, to try something different, I'm know there are a ton of other things I could add to this list, I may create another one for a different post.

What else would you add to this list?
Until next time,
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photo credit: City Rain via photopin (license)


  1. On rainy days I like to get comfy with hot chocolate or coffee, watch some youtube while shopping online! :) xx


    1. That's pretty much one of my favourite things to as well! <3