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Thursday, 10 December 2015
Hey guys, I have so much work to do at the moment, and personally, I find the place where I work has a big impact on how I concentrate and how productive and motivated I feel. 
At the moment I have to make do with whatever space I can get, but here are some pretty workspaces I've taken from pinterest which I like. I find monochrome particularly appealing at the moment.. 

Clean workspace:
I'd love a chalk board like this.
There’s something so elegant about a black accent wall. Still afraid to try it as a bedroom color, but perhaps for a home office? -VV gravity-gravity: “ Source ”:
Monochrome.. Ben je nieuwsgierig naar de Scandinavische woontrends herfst 2014.. Dan heb ik hier inspiratiebeelden op een rij gezet met een link naar nog meer inspiratie:
This grey wall.
Lovely workspace, clean and white, a clean slate for ideas and creativity:
So white and clean. Gorgeous, but I'd have stuff everywhere!
Home with character in Copenhagen - via
Plants, and plain coloured canvases, yes.
Inside Jessica Comingore's Minimalistic Studio | west elm:
Oh, the work I'd do if this desk was mine.. :p

Do you find having a nice workspace helps you work better?
Until next time,

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