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Thursday, 31 December 2015
Hey guys, it's New Years Eve! I like a fresh start but I haven't made any resolutions the past few years. For this year, however, I have set myself some small achievable goals to meet. I read recently that you should set a date a few times a year to look at how your getting on with your resolutions or goals. I shared some of my thoughts on meeting goals in this post. Some of you might have decided to go on a diet or are gonna try making other lifestyle changes. Don't be too hard on yourselves though, and expect immediate change. Go slow and ease yourself into it whatever it is you're doing with small steps. Have tiny little goals to meet as you go along, that way you'll feel good about meeting those goals, and you're less likely to just give up.

Anyway, this post is about tea, something I am very passionate about. I love normal tea most of all, but I also like to try new and different types of teas. If, after lots of overindulgence during the holiday, or just for the start of a new year, you feel like a little "not too much effort" cleanse, I've put together a couple of herbal teas that might help you feel like you're starting afresh.

I really love the Pukka Detox, it tastes uh-mazing which is especially great for a herbal detox tea.
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