#5onFriday | 5 Apps I love for Blogging

Friday, 7 August 2015

For the month of August I've decided to create #5onFriday, basically a list of five things, related to blogging, I'll be posting every Friday for the rest of the month. Feel free to do this yourself and leave me a link to your posts, I'd really love that. Today it's 5 of my favourite apps for blogging. I've linked to the android app store for these apps because I use an android device, but you can find all of them the app store too.

This app is great for reading blog posts on the go. Whenever I've read a few posts I generally feel inspired to work on my own. I'm always saving a ton of amazing posts on this.

Whenever an idea for a post pops into my head I quickly create a post with that title so I don't forget about it and can work on it when I get the chance. So handy.

This app is great for editing photos from my phone, there are a ton of options, you can adjust perspective and retouch with this app, it's really great. 

I love the user interface of this app it's so smooth and gorgeous. I only follow my very favourite blogs with this so my feed is less cluttered. Again, this is great for me personally for blogging inspiration and a lovely way to view my favourite blogs in one place.

This app is amazing, basically you can save any web page you find that you either don't have time to read right away, or which you think you'll find useful to read again, and just save them to read later. I love it.

What apps do you love for blogging?


  1. I love the snapseed app! I haven't try the feedly app, but I will definitely give it a try.


    1. Hey, thank you for your comment :) Do, it's really great.