Thrifted Favorites

Tuesday, 7 July 2015
Today I'm sharing some pieces I like that I found at thrift stores. I hope this inspires  you to check out your local thrift store for cool finds.

1. I really like this crochet/lace sweat top, I think it has a chilled cool summer vibe.
2. I saw these loafers but I didn't buy them right away, I went back the next day to get them because I decided I really liked them. Luckily they were still there, I hesitated about getting them because I wasn't sure if I could pull them off, but I think if I team them with something quite girly they'll work.
3. I am in love with this backpack. I've wanted a little black backpack for a while and I think this Maxx New York one is really chic and unique. It's also really practical. I love it.
4. This satchel I thought was really cool, I don't know if it's vintage but it's quite battered so it does kinda look vintage. It says "Romance Paris" on the front, anyone know anything about the label?
5. This tangerine coloured top from H&M it's made up of cool panels. I think it's nice summery colour.
6. This bright trinket box is made of a kinda silky fabric and the floral print is very pretty. 

Have you bought anything you love from a thrift store recently?

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