July Favourites

Thursday, 30 July 2015
So is it me or has July disappeared really quickly? This month I didn't blog a whole lot :( but here are some of the things I was loving.

1. iZombie. It is a little silly but I really love it. I watched the whole first season this month. I'm in love with Liv's make up and laid back style. Do not watch this show while eating though unless you have a very strong stomach, brain eating is icky. 
2. Spirulina tablets. I finished these off this month. I take them when I feel I need an energy boost, they're a kind of green superfood full of vitamins, but especially vitamin B12 and iron. Sprirulina does taste absolutely vile though, I initially bought the powder and it was really difficult to take, tablets are a much better option I think.
3. Jelly. I haven't had jelly for years but this month I tried some banana flavoured one and it was so good, I got a little obsessed, it took me back to when I was really tiny. 
4. This month I bought the Foreo Luna Mini. I've only had it for about two weeks now but I'm absolutely delighted with it so far. Hopefully I can do a full review when I've been using it for a bit longer.
5. Sunrise. I was up for quite a few this month and I don't usually see the sunrise so I thought I'd include it. (Also, it makes for pretty blog photos :p)
6. This natural Sarakan mouthwash tastes amazing. A really nice alternative to a normal mouthwash. It doesn't contain alcohol but it doesn't contain fluoride either. For some though that's a good thing.
7. I have mentioned before my love for anything bergamot scented. This boots fair-trade body butter is gorgeous, it's so rich and buttery but it absorbs quickly.
8. BBQ's. I had one this month, there is nothing like a good BBQ, hopefully I can have a few more before the summer's over.
9. Moogoo oatmeal soap. This soap is amazing, it is so gently cleansing, and I like the delicate scent too. It's really great for sensitive skin.

What have you been loving this month?

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