Winterproof Your Skin

Thursday, 20 October 2016

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I dunno where you are, (leave me a comment & tell me!) but here in Ireland the we're definitely headed into winter. I'm jealous of people who are just getting autumn/fall now.. anyway I thought I'd share a few of my tips for winterproofing your skin now we're almost in winter's freezing grasp

1. Drink plenty of H20.
Duh right? You should be doing this all year round to keep your skin in it's best condition, but when it's freezing out you can try some different warming herbal teas. Caffeine free drinks are better when you're trying to stay hydrated. (Says the caffeine monster :p) My love of caffeine means I'm probably always lacking a little in proper hydration.

2. Moisturise Mask All Day.
Slap on plenty of your favourite moisturiser to keep skin hydrated and protected from the harsh weather. Bear in mind central heating dries out the air, which doesn't help your skin glow either, so apply a protective balm or moisture mask regularly too. I really loved this protective face salve from Bathing Beauty or a hydrating sheet mask works really well too.

3. Protect Your Pout.
Chapped lips are something that I unfortunately get at some point every winter, freezing cold weather is particularly harsh on the delicate skin on our lips. Keep yours hydrated and protected by wearing plenty of lip balm. This pretty summer fruit one from EOS is certified organic. It's summer flavour is a little throwback to warmer weather and the bright coloured packaging will brighten up your dark winter days too. Find the Summer Fruit style on Target.

4. Use Sunscreen.
I'm terrible at doing this, and it may sound ridiculous, but even though it's really cold out, and the sun may not be particularly visible, your skin still needs to be protected from harmful rays. Try using products that contain a built-in SPF.

5. Make The Most of Sweater Weather.
It's sweater, scarf, hat and glove weather right? For really soft hands and feet, apply some organic coconut oil or your favourite lotion and pop on a pair of cosy socks or gloves for a few hours or overnight. When you take them off you'll find your mitts are super soft!

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What's the weather like where you are right now?

photo credit: Jori Samonen On My Way via photopin (license)

Black & Gold

Thursday, 13 October 2016

I put this look together for my friends birthday dinner last weekend, if you follow me on snapchat (@sadiyahearts) you'll have already had a peek at this. Casual but also a little bit of smart/glam was what I was going for. I paired this pleated Zara skirt which is really comfy, but still quite smart, and this silky subtle gold top with pattern details on the front. It works well with the gold hardware details on the jacket. You can see I'm in the city from the slightly grittier backdrop here.. shooting this was a little more awkward than usual, grey shutters were the most neutralish backdrop I could get at that moment.. aside from the graffiti they do fit with my blog theme of grey! XD

Jacket: Izabel London | Top: Part Two | Skirt: Zara | Bag: Maxx New York | Boots: Stradivarius |

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September Favourites Video

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

I do realise it's the 12th of October and I'm late with this, but I thought I'd do it anyway.. I'm not really filming videos often enough to be totally comfortable in front of the camera.. and I'm sorry about my sick voice.. and for talking too fast.. I need to film more often to be more chilled on camera XD and my camera is keeps going out of focus.. but anyway here it is, my September favourites video.

I share my September favourites.. beauty bits, fashion faves, back to school stationary and more..

Do let me know what you think.. give the video a like if you think I should film more videos, and if you subscribed to my tiny channel to keep up with my videos that would be awesome.

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The Giant Grey Sweatshirt // Student Slouch

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

I love this giant cosy grey sweatshirt and I found. It's so cosy and perfectly oversized. I think it's incredibly versatile and because it's so muted you can style with just about anything really. I paired it with this leopard print backpack and white boots. Finding pieces that tick the warm and comfortable boxes is super important right now. It's only week two of college, but video production classes require us to "go on location", aka. freeze outdoors. Film & media really isn't glamourous people. XD

Sweatshirt: Land's End | Trousers: thrifted | Bag: Pull & Bear | Boots: Monki

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Hello October

Sunday, 2 October 2016

This outfit is a little different for me. I love this chucky roll neck knit from Monki, it's the most October colour ever really. I think it walks the fine line between cool and slightly hideous which kept me from really wearing it much. I paired it with a white shirt and some Zara star striped leggings and added this satchel which is a really Autumn/Winter colour too. This outfit could be seen as cool or slightly horrifying depending on your taste, but I guess seeing as it's October now, horrifying isn't really that much of a bad thing! XD

Knit: Monki
Shirt: // thrifted
Leggings: Zara
Shoes: New Look
Watch: Limit
Bag: Avon

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Shades Of Autumn - The Velvet Coat

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

I decided throw a few different autumn shades into this look, browns and purples. This coat is a nod to the velvet trend and in this brown shade it's the perfect autumn piece. It already feels cold enough to start layering up and wearing heavier coats. 

Here in Ireland, it feels like there's just a few weeks of "Hey, the air's nice out, it's cool but not cold" autumn before it's just full on freezing weather. Anyway, I've a few different style posts I've shot already lined up for you, but won't be doing more for a while after that maybe. Because I'm away from home during the college semester my wardrobe has to be cut down and I wear the same few solid pieces all the time.

Part of why I started doing style posts, was because I have so much clothing to style and play around with at home. Also I won't have my fab photographer around (thank you to my sis for all her hard work shooting me!) to create style posts with, but I'm hoping to keep working on my other content. I'm happy I've explored outfit posts/style blogging a little bit, even though it wasn't my main sort of "thing" at the beginning of my blogging journey, styling different looks to shoot is a lot of fun.

Coat: Prima Collection // thrifted
Sweater: Wocho
Jeans: Primark
Bag: Pr├╝ne
Boots: Fugative by Francesco Rossi

Back to whinging about college, :p I'm kinda still adjusting to commuting daily again. If you follow me on snapchat, (add me @sadiyahearts!) you can follow my daily stuggle :p also, you can stay up to date with what Kdramas I'm watching ;)
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The Giant Scarf

Sunday, 25 September 2016

This somewhat lazy outfit was kind of a desperate attempt to get a last bit of wear out of this denim jacket, which was one of my favourite pieces all summer. To stay warm, I paired it with this massive cosy raspberry coloured scarf, and added this 90s style triangular backpack which I love.

Scarf: Monki
Jacket: Gap
Trousers: Gerry Webber
Boots: Pieces
Bag: River Island

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